Online Learning for Future Healers

A gamified, homeschool curriculum for Earth-focused, future healers.

We would like to bring engaging, gamified, online learning to future herbalists, gardeners, and stewards of the Earth.

We are currently in the process of recruiting some of the most talented and well-known teachers in the fields of Western Herbalism, Permaculture, and Ecological Stewardship to this project. If you would like to become a part, click the button below.

Ecology, practical mathematics, mindfulness, and more - all in one system.

Our Four-Part Curriculum


  • Basic horticulture
  • Basic permaculture
  • Seasonal & companion planting
  • Plant guilds & seed-saving


  • Basic medicine-making
  • Herbal safety
  • Compounding


  • Plant spirit medicine
  • Bach remedies & flower essences
  • Greening & ecotherapy


  • Plant identification
  • Traditional Western herbalism
  • Bioregional herbalism
  • Plant energetics
  • Plant harvesting

About Magic Earth

This curriculum was envisioned originally one day by a nine-year-old, budding herbalist while searching for botanical specimens in her Big Island backyard to research for homeschool.

This school being made available to you is the culmination of that vision.

The implementation, web design, and curriculum design has been lovingly prepared by professional herbalists and acupuncturists Laura Rose Gage and Conner Kees.

We are a brand new startup and would love your support. Use the form below to send us your thoughts or let us know you’re interested!*

*NOTE: Keep an eye on your inbox for a reply from the personal email addresses of Conner Kees or Laura Rose Gage. 🙂

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